I've been fortunate to work as a creative web designer for many years now. And it is a very rewarding and exciting time to be one. Designers tend to love their trade as it keeps their brains engaged and it's very rewarding. It also, however, brings a lot challenges.

(Updated Sep 2022)

How do you stay inspired?

...is one of them. Some of the usual tips include going out for a walk, doing something new and interesting, making something using your hands, getting away from the screen, reading books and blogs, and travelling, of course.

The other big part of making sure you stay inspired comes from sharing your work with others, baring it all on some of the social media design platforms like Dribbble and Behance (other platforms available). There's nothing better than getting good (or bad) old feedback from the guys and gals who do the same type of work as you... that's how industry standards get pushed forward. Of course good feedback from your client is great, but you can't really be sure how well you've done until someone walking in your shoes takes an unbiased view.

This brings me nicely to the purpose of this blog post. To showcase a few (top 12) websites I was greatly inspired by in my work this year. These are in no particular order but each one of these pushed my limits further in what I am trying to achieve to serve my clients better.

So without further ado:

1. Squareup

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2. CakeSweetCake (It subsequently turned in a wedding planning site as of 2022 - looks trashy now)

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3. Focus Lab

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4. Peugeot Hybrid 4 (This website seem to be no more as of Sep 2022)

This gotta be the one of the best parallax scrolling product promotional websites. If you love graphic novels, cars, and speed, you'll love this.

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5. Loft City Church

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6. Little Lines

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7. Agentur Loop

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8. Wallmob (Doesn't seem to work as of Sep 2022)

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9. Home on Earth

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10. Fifty Three

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11. Tradestone Confections (Doesn't seem to work as of Sep 2022)

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12. Mutual Trust

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