About the Studio

Blue and Yellow Design is run by Sasha Lantukh, a multidisciplinary digital designer with a proven track record of solving problems in the industry. Based in London, we work with international clients from the private and third sectors. Our main focus is to help organisations grow using creative strategy, brand identity, product design, design systems, website design and much more.

Our Expertise

Does your organisation have a clear core idea? Can you explain what you do and what makes you different from your competitors in two sentences? Do all of your colleagues share similar feelings about who you are, what you do, and how you do it? Does the outside world understand what you stand for? Do you know how you are currently perceived?

We can facilitate a discussion amongst your team, getting everyone aligned in the direction you want to go. This will help you capture how your brand will tell its story going forward, develop its personality, and adopt a set of behaviors to be successful.

This process helps us to begin to understand your design needs, but also helps everyone in your organisation become more aligned behind your vision and mission. Crucially, it will provide direction for future creative work for years to come, allowing you to successfully set and meet strategic goals. 

Brand Identity


Does your organisation have an effective set of visual elements? Do they work according to a comprehensible and coherent system? Are they memorable and distinctive enough to encapsulate your core brand idea?

We create appropriate, distinctive, and versatile branding: a visual recognition pattern consisting of a logo, colours, typography, slogans, tone of voice, style of expression, to help you present your core idea with impact, brevity, and immediacy.

Product Design


Do you have an app concept you would like to build? Fully thought out product design is essential in the battle for loyal customers in a world where every company is trying to stand out.

We can help you manage the entire process from establishing the vision behind your product to creating the best experience possible. We prioritize your user, research their problems, and design a product that aims to solve them by conceptualising information architecture, and conducting user testing during interactive protototyping and user interface design. We support your development team and help you with post launch marketing activities. We validate and integrate feedback which will eventually create an experience where users feel appreciated, and want to keep coming back.

Design Systems


Has your product been so successful that your design has gotten out of control? Is your design system built in legacy infrastructure? Does your design team struggle with version control and a single source of truth? Do you struggle to build a bridge between your design and development teams? A good design system helps deliver a unified experience for the end user. But it also means a cohesive internal experience.

We can help you set up a process and system that unites all your product teams around a common visual language. We'll help with roll out, expansion, and maintenance. This will reduce design debt, accelerate the design process, and unite teams across time and space, bringing designers and engineers together through a shared language. Your designers then have more time to focus on experience over style which will bring your product to life.

Does your organisation need a virtual shop front? We can help you identify website objectives corresponding to your business goals, broken those down into scope, calls to action, and measurable goals. This will inform a prototype and website design that targets your audience - showcasing your products or services in the best light possible.

Editorial Design

Georgetown University

Do you have a report, newspaper, magazine, book, or any other publication that needs design? Whether for print or online, editorial design has a big impact on how written information is understood. From the best use of specifically selected typography, to layouts, info-graphics and illustrations, the goal of editorial design is to make your publication attractive, and visually interesting to draw your readers in.

Design Support

If you need help with any of our graphic design services on a one-off, short- or long-term basis, we'd love to hear from you. Depending on the type of work you need and the length of project, we can offer support based on an hourly rate or arrange a retainer agreement.

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