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Sketch Template Starter — Another Freebie

In a previous blog post I outlined the seven steps of my typical web design process. To further speed up that process I work from a Sketch Template Starter I put together. This freebie will help you to quickly organise your next project's typography, colours, and other UI elements (responsive layouts, buttons, forms, etc) into a flexible, easy to use design system powered by Sketch's symbols functionality, text and shared styles.

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The Visual Web Design Process: Seven Steps

My typical website design process consists of three key stages: 1) Consultancy. 2) Design. 3) Development. This particular post is a very practical one. It describes the second stage - a seven step visual design process. By this point in the process, the consultancy package has been signed off. This should ideally include agreed project and creative briefs, wireframes, prototypes, technical specifications, budgets, and timeframes. So where do you start with step two, and how do you get into the right frame of mind?

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Sketch + InVision UI Design Workflow

A while ago I discovered a dedicated UI design tool you've most definitely heard about called Sketch. It has two key advantages over Photoshop that made me switch in the blink of an eye.

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User Interface Design Process

Starting on a new User Interface design project can be daunting. You just received a hundred pages worth of specifications which may include: project, creative design and build briefs; draft wireframes and app flows ideas; deliver abilities requirements; examples of existing products; and brand guidelines that you have to navigate around.

So where do you start?

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Freebie: Vector Colour Wheel

Every brand guidelines document or user interface style guide requires a section detailing complementary colours. I often create a unique layout to present those colours. But recently, working on a big UI project which required a lot of colours, I found that it was much easier to present them on a customisable colour wheel as it allowed for flexibility and growth.

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Design That Never Was №2

It's been awhile (almost four months to be precise) since the first one of these articles under the "Design That Never Was" heading. Although the design itself was finished shortly after it. I do apologise. So without further ado, please welcome...

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12 Most Inspirational Websites of 2013

I've been fortunate to work as a creative web designer for many years now. And it is a very rewarding and exciting time to be one. Designers tend to love their trade as it keeps their brains engaged and it's very rewarding. It also, however, brings a lot challenges.

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Design That Never Was №1

The Design That Never Was will be an ongoing series of blog articles dedicated to the part of the work that was completed for a project, but for various reasons never saw the light of day (until now, that is). Whether another option was chosen by a client, someone changed their mind, or decided to go in a different direction, here will be a place where tribute can be paid to the designs which were prematurely put to rest.

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Hello World! My First Ever Post!

Well hello there! Thanks for visiting! I wrote this blog post to serve me instead of lorem ipsum dummy text for my first ever article! But it also might answer a few of your questions: Who am I? And what it this all about?

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