Over the last two years we were extremely lucky to have had a chance to travel a bit. We've been to Israel, around the UK, and Ukraine to name a few places. We also lived in St Petersburg for 3 months and have now been living in Rio de Janeiro for a couple of years. These are a few shots we've taken along the way.


Tel Aviv - Fishing nets
Israel - Spices market
Israel - Flea market
Israel - Jerusalem market
Israel - Tel Aviv beach


Rio - Garden
Rio - Sunset
Rio - Big park view
Rio - Palm tree in the sun
Rio - Olympic sailing for gold
Rio - Olympic rowing
Rio - Food market
Rio - Hiking view
Rio - Hiking - view
Rio - Biggest graffiti wall in the world
Rio - Biggest graffiti wall in the world
Rio - Favela view
Rio - Corcovado view
Rio - Christ the Redeemer hand
Paraty - Ali
Paraty - Village
Rio to Salvador flight
Salvador - Bahia dogs
Brazil - Wedding
Brazil - Wedding
Itacare - Sunset
Itacare - Palm trees
Itacare - Lizard
Itacare - Hotel view
Itacare - Beach football
Itacare - Engenhoca beach
Itacare - Beach
Iacare - Surfing beach


Cornwall - Lighthouse
Cornwall - Shoreline
Oxford - Lady Margaret Hall College
UK - Windsor
UK - Wedding


Tsarsoe Selo - Ali
Tsarskoe Selo
Tsarskoe Selo - Ducks in one row
St Petersburg - Summer Garden
St Petersburg - Spilled Blood Church
St Petersburg - Isaac Cathedral view
St Petersburg - Hermitage
St Petersburg - Christmas
Russian bird


Ukraine - Church
Ukraine - Village